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PPM-WZPB-2 Temperature Sensor for Industrial

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It is composed of a temperature sensor and a signal converter. The signal converter is installed in the cold end connecting box of the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is affected by the temperature to produce a differential voltage signal. This signal is amplified by the amplifier, and then through the voltage and current conversion, then produce a 4-20mA current signal or other 0-5V signal.

They can measure temperatures of liquid, steam,gas and solid in producing. 
Characteristics are shock resistant, high-temperature resistant and long life.
Used for temperature measuring and automatic controlling in scope from -200 to 600oC.


Measuring MediaLiquids, gases
Pressure rating40 MPa
Measuring elementPt100
Measuring rangeFrom -50...100oC to -200...600oC
Power supply12-32VDC
Output4-20mA, 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC optional
Ambient temperature-40~85oC
Storage temperature-40~85oC
Temperature coefficients0.25%/10oC
Ambient humidity95%RH
Dynamic response0.3s
Process connectionG1/4, M20*1.5, or other on request
Electrical connectionDN43650 L-connector
MaterialsWetted parts: stainless steel
Housing: stainless steel
Probe diameterΦ4,Φ6...Φ16 optional
Installation length10, 25...500 mm optional

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