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company news about 5 tips for improving the flow rate of pressure transmitter

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China Changsha Taihe Electronic Equipment Co. certification
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Company News
5 tips for improving the flow rate of pressure transmitter

● Tips for improving the flow range of pressure transmitter: Based on actual usage, it is possible to apply some pressure in any direction, and provide a detailed explanation of the different methods used for precision pressure transmitter sensor.

● Contact instrument coefficient constant. The relationship between instrument coefficient and temperature sensor is gradually determined by the temperature sensor of the measuring medium through sensor. To measure temperature, the sensor provides temperature ranges for both.

The pressure transmitter should be installed according to the height of the tested medium environment to meet the above requirements, in order to avoid high-temperature medium leakage or leakage in the pressure pipe.

Quasi output measuring instruments that come into direct contact with the measured medium generally include the following types.

UQC-T32 Magnetic Flap Level Gauge, UHZ-50/HTF Float Level Gauge, and Float Level Control Instrument.

The UHZ-50/D magnetic flip column liquid level gauge is equipped with a liquid level control and alarm switch, which can measure, display, transmit, and control the liquid level. Equipped with a liquid level control instrument, it can achieve liquid level control, alarm, and interlocking.

The remote transmitter of the magnetic flap level gauge uses a magnetic float as the measuring element, and the magnetic steel drives the flipping column display, without the need for energy. Suitable for various environments from low to high temperature, vacuum to high pressure, etc. It is an ideal liquid level measurement product for industries such as petroleum and chemical industries. Configure upper and lower limit switch outputs to achieve remote alarm and transmission output. This product can achieve remote alarm and transmission output.

According to the principle of buoyancy, the float moves up and down in the measuring tube as the liquid level rises and falls. The magnetic steel inside the float drives the red and white magnets to move up and down on the indicator through coupling, and the transmitter can output a 4-20mA current signal.

When installing an independent level gauge, it should be noted that the output current and range of the power distribution type (2-wire transmitter) magnetic flap level gauge are related. Regarding the working voltage of the level gauge that does not rotate out every 100 meters of dirt, please choose a model with collinear current

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