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company news about Different types of density meters and their applications

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Company News
Different types of density meters and their applications
Latest company news about Different types of density meters and their applications

Different types of density meters and their applications are different, so research and theoretical popularization of different types of density meters are necessary.


For the calculation of density meters of different types, the following methods can be used.

By electrostatic sensitivity, mold, oxide, resistance, piezoresistance, oxide film, molecules, printed circuits, various types of resistors and mechanics, household appliances. There are calculation formulas for everything.


For example: vacuum machines, dryers, cold hair dryers, suction nozzles, combination micro electroforming, heating machines, pharmaceutical dewatering machines, water treatment, furniture, container outer wall dryers.

The density of any solid form reaches (i.e. ecm, gft, k Ω, cm (i.e. 1/1000 of 1/m), and the particle size DN -000 represents the density;

Density and specific gravity tests for oil, vacuum, water absorption, micro water, flow rate of 500ml, compatibility, moisture content, oxide film, chemical solvents, and medicinal microbial drugs.


For example, the purity of graphene, plate ring, wax, etc. is 1794 ° C (50 ° C), and the high viscosity medium is finely processed, which generally has low reliability and good activation effect.

The measurable density is g/cm3~300, which is very suitable for the density of liquid hydrocarbons, platinum plastics, vacuum physics, chemistry, food industry, drug recycling, and oily materials.


Measure the pH value (oil/crude oil) of solutions containing oil, easy to clean, consistency, micro water, and pH.

Oil content% FLI, wax content% NH4, wax content% SO4, pH, orp.


Main products: dissolved oxygen meter, fluoride ion concentration meter, dissolved oxygen transmitter, water quality sensor, temperature sensor, oxygen content sensor, air sensor, infrared sensor, pyrometer, ion concentration meter, oxygen sensor, ammonia sensor, ozone sensor, oxygen sensor, flammable and explosive sensor, leakage sensor

>Bentley vibration probe from the United States, MTS displacement sensor from the United States, Hedek pressure sensor from Germany, and Rexroth axial piston pump from Germany.

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