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company news about Knowledge of 10 pressure transmitter, come and learn more

China Changsha Taihe Electronic Equipment Co. certification
China Changsha Taihe Electronic Equipment Co. certification
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Company News
Knowledge of 10 pressure transmitter, come and learn more
Latest company news about Knowledge of 10 pressure transmitter, come and learn more

Knowledge of pressure transmitter, let's take a look at the general introduction of 06 pressure transmitter. Detailed names of 08 pressure transmitter. Blind spots of 09 pressure transmitter. 03+05 Output voltage output -12ma External dimensions: 09120130mm Output voltage output -24ma External dimensions: 09120130mm.


2023 is a hot day, with billions of comparisons every moment, making every aspect of human life extremely crucial. Only switch.

Figure 8 is beneficial for the cause of traffic safety and can create a dedicated Internet of Things network for social, industrial and other fields.

Please remember not to have 6 celebrities or emotions (please provide free training if necessary); This note: There is no need for examination or supervision management for individuals, families, medical and industrial users, etc.

Family healthcare and personal health are key factors related to the issue of harmony in all societies. Therefore, please pay attention to family health issues.


In order to better grasp the development trend of the times, each family must have some intelligent configurations in personal configuration, especially in home configuration, such as blood pressure detection, temperature detection, humidity detection, gas detection, smoke detection, infrared temperature measurement, gas detection, etc.


Intelligent optional smart manhole covers, including manhole covers, water/gas/wet/methane/PM25 and methane/CO/heterogeneous/PM25 sensor, manhole covers, water/wet infrared temperature sensor, intelligent devices or drones, and other equipment.

The intelligent smart manhole cover can automatically determine whether there is spraying phenomenon in the well by monitoring temperature, smoke, wind, precipitation, inclination and other information, and develop the best measures based on seasonal analysis to solve the problem of how to travel.


Intelligent dosing device, also known as automatic dosing pump, is an automatic equipment that integrates water replenishment, cooling and re storage, spraying, and pre dissolution.

Intelligent low pressure metering equipment includes: pressure difference intelligent controller, digital pressure gauge, digital temperature sensor, pressure sensor, intelligent pressure difference controller, etc.


Intelligent membrane dryers, also known as dew point meters, micro pressure dryers, biochemical incubators, drying tubes, ovens, curing rooms, containers for drying, disinfection, solidification, cold storage, doors, pressure regulating furnaces, warehouses, etc.


The series of intelligent membrane dryers are in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission's ISO9001:2000, ASTM C1676, and JIS Z876614 specifications. They are widely used in automatic control and scientific research departments such as power, metallurgy, electronics, chemicals, machinery, pharmaceuticals, food, tobacco, microelectronics, plastics, textiles, papermaking, etc. They are the latest products in the domestic series and can be widely used in many fields such as government agencies, schools, hospitals, banks, airports, trains, logistics groups, etc.

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Intelligent rubber moisture meter Intelligent plastic moisture meter.

The TQ-J2S-200 conductivity meter is suitable for conductivity, resistivity, two electrode constant, salinity, pH, dissolved ozone, chloride ions, turbidity, chromaticity, pH, etc; According to customer requirements and industry needs, if it needs to be applied in fields such as food, chemical engineering, secondary, acid-base solutions, high-purity water, electronics, conductivity, salinity, TDS, iron solution, etc., it is better to do water analysis than to do water analysis.

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