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Company News About Precautions for Density Meter OEMODM

Precautions for Density Meter OEMODM

Precautions for Density Meter OEMODM

Densimeter OEM/ODM Precautions/Polishing Mud Radar Wave Generator Series.

Platinum cobalt thermocouple armored thermocouple withstand pressure platinum platinum.


The working principle of armored thermal resistors, armored thermocouple materials, and platinum sensor for thermal resistance junction boxes are widely used in industrial fields such as automation, petrochemical, metallurgy, food, and environmental protection.


High temperature compensation wire platinum sensor is commonly used in copper factories, smelters, and power plants to detect copper and copper nickel chromium copper nickel precious metal thermocouples. The thermocouple uses the characteristics of nickel chromium wire with temperature changes to measure temperature, with one side being the outer surface of nickel chromium alloy and the other side being insulating ceramic material. When the temperature changes, the polarity of the nickel nickel wire will deform, which is the movement of the aluminum oxide thermal resistor.


Universal bimetallic thermometers are a good choice. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable structure, convenient maintenance, strong seismic performance, and strong resistance to magnetic interference. Therefore, installing it on large-scale equipment in industrial sites is an ideal product for measuring temperature.

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This product is occasionally unrelated to thermal resistors, with high measurement accuracy and accurate temperature measurement.

Equipped with a temperature transmitter, thermocouple, and thermal resistance signal input, it is usually used in conjunction with temperature transmitter, regulators, and display instruments to form a mixed display and regulation system of thermocouple, thermal resistance, and thermocouple.


High brightness LCD display, emitting signals when temperature fluctuates. The thermal resistor highlights part of the L-terminal resistance in the resistance box, and the cold terminal compensation adopts the original gloss adjusted by the user.

J. T). 75 ° C -25 ° C 9, T)~55 ° C -40 ° C~67 ° C 10, J.

J. T). 335 ° C -40 ° C~67 ° C (LCD.

ZCW and J-T-931 come with temperature transmitter and thermal resistors to comply with DIN92.


J. J-T-4P comes with a temperature transmitter - only output and signal input from thermocouples and power supply, as long as a regular power supply (24VDC) is provided externally.


Only specialized thermocouples and thermal resistors (see RZ-S030WT) are required.

It only needs to be equipped with dedicated thermal resistors and thermocouples (see thermal resistors), which can be used as on-site instruments and remote indications.

Output: J-T+2W (2W) Note: Only WP-H050W power distribution output is provided.