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Company News About Promote the rapid and stable development of the load cell sensor industry

Promote the rapid and stable development of the load cell sensor industry

Promote the rapid and stable development of the load cell sensor industry

Promote the rapid and stable development of the load cell sensor industry. Productive sensor, digital load cell sensor, four weighing modules, sensor junctions


Better service is the best choice for use in harsh environments of the real weighbridge. The real advantage lies in the fact that the digital load cell sensor is not affected by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, and wind, and can still work normally in small winds and high air pressures.


The load cell sensor used in the real weighbridge is the beam load cell sensor quality result, and its representativeness is enhanced on the basis of high-precision load cell sensor. Its superiority is significant, as the load cell sensor meets the requirements of every customer, which is why we call it a 'quality integer cell'.


When designing a digital weighbridge, consider the speed and frequency of its operation. A weighbridge is like a vehicle, and a certain weighbridge is like an idle vehicle. When weighing together, try to approach the low-speed weighing as close as possible, and the total amount should be calculated as the same weighbridge, in order to facilitate the use of gravel, iron, moving the weighbridge, or maintenance.


A weighbridge sinks from the side and is not allowed to move too much (not affected by vehicle deformation), but it will not cause errors in the weighing data. The accuracy of weighing is 100 times the length of the weighing, meaning that the weighing display does not have gravity, and the original strain of the display is displayed when the stiffness of the weighing platform changes due to the effect of gravity on the foundation, or after the weighing platform deflects and drives, the original deflection of the display is only displayed after passing. In fact, its changes are different from those of the load cell sensor and platform, and the errors caused by deformation are not exactly the same.


In fact, as long as the load cell sensor is installed on the next item, the balance will display the weight or weighing data greater than the weighing deviation. In this case, the applications include: hook scale, electronic belt scale, hopper scale, sorting scale, and counter. The essential installation techniques for chain buffer scales and damping scales must be carried out by professionals.

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Y-B93B series electronic belt scale structure principle: The Y-B9B battery type speed measuring and load cell sensor is the preferred choice for Y production. It has an explosion-proof and shockproof structure with high protection level, a fully enclosed structure, high measurement accuracy, small overall size, convenient use and maintenance, and is suitable for garbage incineration or industrial dust treatment equipment.


The structure of this electronic belt scale is similar to the use of the scale body. What is the principle behind this? This is a new type of measuring scale frame, which can achieve a creep of 02mm, a temperature fluctuation state of+025o, and a temperature fluctuation degree of ± 03o. If the belt scale instrument with a changed range shape outputs pulse light at the same speed, it can be symmetrically installed on the belt scale by changing the two position or four or six position method through reverse keys, two number keys, time, and belt rotation direction. It can be directly installed on the belt scale


In addition to the digital scale frame, it also has functions such as digital analog quantity and digital data communication.