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Company News About The Best Reputed Oil Moisture Sensor Company

The Best Reputed Oil Moisture Sensor Company

The Best Reputed Oil Moisture Sensor Company

The company with the best reputation for oil moisture sensor.

LG-LGB orifice flowmeter; β: 1St, β: 013150,


Orifice flow meter is a high range ratio differential pressure flow device composed of a standard orifice plate and a multi-parameter differential pressure transmitter (or differential pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, and pressure transmitter). It can measure the flow throttling device system of gas, steam, liquid, and natural gas, and is widely used in process control and measurement in fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power, heating, and water supply.


Bottom in side out orifice flowmeter: The bottom in side out orifice flowmeter is manufactured according to standards.

The waist wheel flowmeter consists of a throttling device and a differential pressure transmitter to form a flow measurement system according to the "User Manual".


The clamp type corrugated pipe level gauge is also known as a flexible cable corrugated pipe level gauge. How to choose a universal and high-precision nominal pressure sensor for our company.

Micro elliptical gear flow meters are used for measuring dirty fluids and are suitable for measuring high viscosity fluids. The use of elliptical gear flow meters can bring considerable comprehensive solutions.


The micro elliptical gear flowmeter is a volumetric measuring instrument mainly used for measuring the volume flow rate and mass flow rate of liquids. It has the advantages of high accuracy, large range ratio, wide flow range, and low resistance, and can be widely used in medical, food, and other health measurement, production process control, and other measurement applications. Micro elliptical gear flow meters are used in chemical, petroleum, paper, sugar, pharmaceutical, and brewing industries.

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Micro elliptical gear flow meters are applied in fields such as chemical engineering, petroleum, light textile, metallurgy, feed media, papermaking, food, sugar making, brewing, irrigation, scientific research, etc. Relying on the volume and quantity of liquid.

This product is widely used in industries such as steel, petroleum, chemical, light textile, papermaking, etc., and is used for flow measurement of various liquids.


The micro elliptical gear flowmeter is a volumetric measuring instrument, mainly composed of a measuring box and a pair of elliptical gears installed in the measuring box, forming a sealed initial lunar cavity with the upper and lower cover plates (not absolutely sealed due to the rotation of the gears) as the calculation unit of primary displacement. When the measured liquid enters the flow meter through the pipeline, the pressure difference generated at the inlet and outlet drives a pair of gears to continuously rotate, continuously conveying the liquid measured by the initial lunar cavity to the outlet.


The product of the revolution of the elliptical gear and four times the displacement each time is the flow value of the measured liquid. The flow meter mainly consists of a casing, gear revolution, and mechanical part (graduation number: 0001).

80% of the lower limit value of the flow range. The pressure loss is relatively small, and the temperature range for long-term use is -30 ° C~120 ° C, with a typical value of 150 MPa.


Due to the difference between the coefficient and the value determined by comparison, the upper limit of the flow range of the flowmeter is 90%~90%, with a typical value of 200 MPa.