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company news about The list of raw materials for water level sensor needs to include the following content

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China Changsha Taihe Electronic Equipment Co. certification
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Company News
The list of raw materials for water level sensor needs to include the following content
Latest company news about The list of raw materials for water level sensor needs to include the following content

The list of raw materials for water level sensor needs to include the following content.

Output of sensor. The sensor places the signal received by the sensor inside the object, and the sensor is reflected back due to shape changes. The sensor will return to the sensor, and the value of the sensor will be larger, resulting in inaccurate measurement of other objects. This is why it is necessary to avoid faults when using the sensor.


When wiring, the voltage from the sensor to the sensor should have sufficient high voltage, the power supply voltage should be stable, and there should be no large current surges.

The pull-type force sensor supplies power to its motor through its+24V power supply voltage. By providing a certain difference in voltage between the current and voltage, the sensor connection can be achieved. The stable power supply voltage can achieve the sensor plug connection, without the need for greater than 28V.


The above are the issues that need to be noted when connecting and using 4.5V sensor. Please take a look at our explanation. If you need it, please donate your account. We can verify it for free or provide you with corresponding information.


Automation process control systems in fields such as aerospace, automotive industry, glass industry, sewage treatment, engineering construction, and complete equipment integration. The company has established long-term cooperation mechanisms with well-known universities such as Beijing University of Technology and Harbin University of Technology, cultivating a group of scientific research experience in automation equipment and electrical complete sets of equipment, forming a scientific breeding and assembly technology, and a complete business system for electrical equipment. It has successively developed a series of products suitable for the enterprise, and has maintained excellent cooperative relationships with multiple domestic enterprises such as trustworthy factories, Xinqin, and negative new.

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Project Introduction: The company was established in 2019 and is an innovative and entrepreneurial company. The company has a first-class team of overseas and domestic experts, focusing on advanced power semiconductor chips and IPM intelligent modules. Utilizing the team's rich experience and intellectual property in the field of new energy vehicle electronics, with the support of capital and platform resources, the company operates the advanced power semiconductor devices and new energy vehicle industry chain, integrates new technologies, and wins market praise through research and development innovation. The company's main business is the design, manufacturing, and sales of chips for new high-power and efficient power electronic devices. Its products are widely used in energy-saving lamps, LED lighting, chargers, various switching power supplies, electromagnetic stoves, variable frequency motors, welding machines, solar inverters, electric bicycles, electric vehicles, etc.


Project Introduction: There are three main directions for product and technology research and development. Firstly, high-speed and high-precision ADC and DAC core key technologies, as well as product and IP research and development; Secondly, linear displacement measurement series chips, high-end instrument chips, and industrial IoT chips are used in the field of intelligent equipment; The third is high-end medical electronic chips represented by CT chips. In the future, the company plans to continue to lay out various sensor readout circuit chips based on ADC core technology, which will be applied to radiation resistant simulation chips in the aerospace and nuclear industries

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