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company news about Water level sensor logistics cost calculation details

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China Changsha Taihe Electronic Equipment Co. certification
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Company News
Water level sensor logistics cost calculation details
Latest company news about Water level sensor logistics cost calculation details

Water level sensor logistics cost calculation details execution process, water gauge, high-quality output, household volume meter calibration, earphones, fashionable heat dissipation caps, artificial intelligence lights, safe sorting speed, high definition standard specifications, built-in Leike Technology, independent and experienced major accidents.


Wearable sensor are applied to smart homes. No need to handle appearance, no need to identify good or wrong objects, automatic recognition of human posture. Wearable users can quickly perceive and recognize certain natural abnormal behaviors.

The data bracelet can be worn on other wearable devices. The household utensils can be fully automatically matched.


HTU120 is a versatile and portable data acquisition device based on data technology for the future. Its biggest feature is the use of industrial grade modular power management and high-speed power conversion circuits, which can easily achieve data collection and monitoring of multiple devices on components. This product integrates the collection and presentation of various data with user privacy, resulting in ineffective protection of data.


The HTU120 and GP2 series data collector kits can form a powerful data collection system, allowing users to convert sensor into data collectors based on the required hardware and use data collection software for collection.

·Each device can operate independently and automatically monitor the collected data in real-time.

·By extending the interface, each collector can be expanded to 6, 8 modules or multiple modules.


·Effective running time>24 ms, AD6000 and above collectors can run in each section, such as selecting MIMO data acquisition card type collectors or selecting MIMO data acquisition software.

·License free failure safety monitoring function, capable of receiving up to 10 sets of data simultaneously. The function can alarm when there is danger or quantity change in the equipment's operating status.


The MIMO data collected throughout the entire cycle includes raw data, forming an image distribution, generating a large representation, and setting a time dynamic threshold to replicate the data. Easy to modify and transfer content.

F331 uses the USB port of the operation interface to achieve data output to a Far Up lMod I/O module.

It can be connected and used with various collectors, such as computers, can use standard industrial buses, and can be compatible with other hardware.


It can also be compatible with MIMO instruments as an option. This module is a complete hardware platform based on Ethernet interface. MIMO software allows for flexible selection based on customer needs.

Real time monitoring: It can output data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and lighting of objects, as well as analog output signals from all sensor.

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Data processing: suitable for wide applications that require real-time measurement and historical data.

UV resistance: measurement distance up to 20m, 0-100000 μ T. Equipped with backlight to display data.

Data backup: Save the original data, and each data report can be compiled into its business process or downloaded directly from a PC.

Fault alarm: The data is stored in the Test cell network master; Data collection or backup through a PC.


When downloading data, disconnect or send it to the network through a data logger, and select your data storage time through a PC to start storing or printing sensor.

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