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barometric pressure sensor

China Changsha Taihe Electronic Equipment Co. certification
China Changsha Taihe Electronic Equipment Co. certification
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barometric pressure sensor

barometric pressure sensor
barometric pressure sensor

Large Image :  barometric pressure sensor

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CSPPM
Certification: CE
Model Number: PPM-T293
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: CSPPM
Packaging Details: Standard export packing, including instructions and certificate
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Supply Ability: 1000pcs per month

barometric pressure sensor

Tested Media: Wet Soil,Oil,Corrosive Liquidand Gas Full Scale Pressure Range: 0~ 5000psi, 6000psi, 0~ 10000psi , 0~ 15000psi , 0~ 20000psi
Supply Voltage: 10-32VDC Installation: “1502” Hammer Union
Electrical Connection: Aviation Connector Or Direct Outgoing Long-Term Stability: ≤ ± 0.1%FS/Year
Working Medium Temperature: -40~ +90ºC


Technical Parameters :

Tested Media : Wet Soil,Oil,Corrosive liquidand gas
Pressure type: Gauge pressure(G), Sealed pressure(S), Vent Pressure(V)
Full Scale Pressure Range : 0~ 5000psi, 6000psi, 0~ 10000psi , 0~ 15000psi , 0~ 20000psi.
Supply Voltage : 10-32VDC
Output Signal: 4-20mA,0-5VDC,1-5VDC,0-10VDC,3mV/V
Installation : “1502” Hammer Union
Electrical Connection : Aviation connector or Direct outgoing
Combined Accuracy : 0.5%FS, 0.25%FS
Long-Term Stability: ≤ ± 0.1%FS/Year
Working medium temperature : -40~ +90ºC
Operating Temperature : -40~ +90ºC


Definition of wiring:

barometric pressure sensor 0




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What is a barometric pressure sensor and what are its common application areas?



Barometric pressure sensor, also known as an atmospheric pressure sensor or barometer, is a device used to measure atmospheric pressure. It plays a crucial role in various applications and industries.

Barometric Pressure Sensor: A barometric pressure sensor is a type of pressure sensor designed to measure the atmospheric pressure of the surrounding environment. It typically detects the force exerted by the weight of the air above it. Atmospheric pressure, often expressed in units like millibars (mb) or inches of mercury (inHg), is an essential parameter in weather forecasting, altitude determination, and various other applications.

Common Application Areas:

  1. Meteorology and Weather Forecasting: Barometric pressure sensors are fundamental instruments in meteorology. They help meteorologists monitor changes in atmospheric pressure to predict weather patterns, including the approach of high or low-pressure systems, which can indicate upcoming weather conditions.

  2. Aviation and Altitude Measurement: Barometric pressure sensors are integral to aircraft altimeters. They provide accurate altitude information by measuring changes in atmospheric pressure as the aircraft ascends or descends. Pilots rely on this data for navigation and safety.

  3. Navigational Instruments: Barometric pressure sensors are used in a variety of navigational instruments, including altimeters, variometers (used in gliding and soaring), and barographs (recording instruments for pressure changes).

  4. Environmental Monitoring: These sensors are employed in environmental monitoring systems to collect data on air pressure changes. They are used in applications such as climate research, air quality monitoring, and pollution control.

  5. Industrial Processes: Barometric pressure sensors can be used in industrial applications that require accurate pressure measurement, such as in HVAC systems, manufacturing processes, and pressure-controlled machinery.

  6. Automotive and Altitude Compensation: In some vehicles, barometric pressure sensors are used to compensate for changes in altitude. This helps optimize engine performance and fuel efficiency.

  7. GPS Devices: Some GPS receivers utilize barometric pressure data for more accurate altitude calculations, especially when GPS signals may be less reliable.

  8. Outdoor Recreation: Barometric pressure sensors are found in outdoor recreational devices like hiking and adventure watches. They assist users in tracking altitude changes and weather patterns during outdoor activities.

  9. Agriculture: These sensors can be used in agricultural applications to monitor atmospheric pressure changes that may impact crop growth and weather-related decisions.

  10. Research and Science: Barometric pressure sensors are used in various scientific experiments and research projects that involve monitoring atmospheric conditions.

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